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Tang Jiaxuan Meets with China's Candidate for the Director-General of the World Health Organization Madame Margaret Chan


On September 18, 2006, State Councilor Tang Jiaxuan met with Madame Margaret Chan, China's candidate for the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), former Director of Health of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Assistant Director-General of the WHO in Beijing.

Tang noted that the central government attaches great importance to and extends full backing for Chan's candidacy and believes she is fully competent for the position with her outstanding talent and rich experience. Currently the preparations progress steadily and fairly efficiently. He indicated hope that Chan will make continuous efforts for the final success.

Chan said that she will prepare well for the election campaign, vowing to do her utmost to make greater contribution to world health development if she succeeds.

Chen Xiaohong, Vice Health Minister, Zhang Xiaoming, Deputy Director of the Hong Kong & Macau Affairs Office of the State Council, and Cui Tiankai, Assistant Foreign Minister were present at the meeting.

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